200 Denier Nylon Taffeta , Assorted Colors, 99 cents a pound, Durable Water Repellent Uncoated, To view available inventory click on the drop-down box below

  • $ 115.83

DWR 60 inches wide 99 cents a pound about 20 cents a yard. Assorted Colors Sold by the carton only.  These are assorted colors of 200 denier Nylon uncoated.  The great majority of the colors will be military colors, such as foliage green, khaki, OD Green and CG483 Green.  The roll sizes are 10 yards to 19 yards, with some rolls being somewhat larger. None will be smaller.  These are shipped directly from the factory so we are able to let you know the colors in advance or the precise roll sizes.  This offer if great if you are looking for low-priced 200 denier nylons for any reason whatsoever, including bags, ground covers, canopies etc...  These are sold as Grade 2 and will contain some defects