500 Denier Nylon Fabric, DWR 60 inches wide Assorted Colors 75 to 79 cents a pound about 60 cents a yard. Assorted Colors.To view available inventory click on the drop-down box below

  • $ 118.50

500 Denier Nylon Fabric, DWR 60 inches wide 79 cents  pound about 55 cents a yard. Assorted Colors Sold by the carton only.  These are assorted colors of 500 denier Nylon coated.

We are currently sold out on this offer.  If you have interest, please email us at info@magnafabrics.com and we will advise you when there is availability.

The cases are shipped directly from the mill and we do not know what the assortment of color are in any one carton.

If color assortment or selection of colors is important you should not purchase the assorted colors since the intent of this offer is to provide a low-cost option for users of 500 denier nylon that is not color dependent. Please call or email us for a more precise explanation.

The roll sizes are 10 yards to 19 yards, with some rolls being somewhat larger. None will be smaller. Occasionally, there will be a roll of the uncoated 1000

These are shipped directly from the factory so we are able to let you know the colors in advance or the precise roll sizes.  This offer if great if you are looking for low-priced 500 denier nylons for any reason whatsoever, including bags, ground covers, dog beds etc... These are sold as Grade 2 and will contain some defects.

If you either pay by online check or send us a check we will reduce the price to only 75 cents a pound

Since this fabric will be delivered by truck and not by UPS,you need to contact us directly for the cost of shipping the fabric.  If you provide us your zip code we can provide an immediate price for the shipping.