Charcoal Gray Pinstripe Pure Worsted Wool Gabardine Twill Fabric $13.99 a yard

  • $ 13.99

Charcoal Gray Pinstripe wool suiting in a gabardine (twill weave) fabric
The pinstripe (also called a chalkstripe) is a narrow stripe with the stripes about 1/8 of an inch apart.
100% Worsted Wool, About 9.5 ounces to a linear yard, 60 inches wide
Soft Ultra-Luxury Fabric Imported by Burlington Raeford
Worsted Wool is a high-quality type of wool yarn, the fabric made from this yarn, and a yarn weight category. "Worsted" yarns/fabrics are distinct from woollens (though both are made from sheep's wool): the former is considered stronger, finer, smoother, and harder than the latter.(Wikipedia)
60 inch usable width, Free Shipping
Sold by the Yard, cut to order - Just order the number of yards you need. Orders of 2 or more yards will be shipped USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost. One yard orders will be shipped USPS First Class Mail

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