White Maxima ESD Antistatic Medical Barrier Fabric 62 inch 100% Polyester

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Maxima ESD: Is a high density polyester static dissipative fabric with an ESD carbon stripe. The fabric repels fluid and bacteria. Maxima ESD is recommended for aseptic environments, pharmaceutical, biotechnical, biological and food processing. Designed for the most stringent Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanrooms where bacterial filtration, static charges, particle control, and fluid resistance. Maxima ESD is gamma compatible and autoclavable 
Mean Size: 5-6 microns Weight: 2.53 oz/yd² Air Permeability: 1.21 cfm/ft² Moisture Vapor Transmission: 1350 g/m²/24 hr
Carbon: Stripe Surface Resistivity: 4.85×10 7 ohms/sq Static Decay: 0.01 sec Static Dissipative: Yes

available by request, Made in USA

404360 D263

Grade 2